Ogre Macrotures Paneuropean Galahad GEV

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The Galahad, our first Macroture, is over 4 inches long and stands 2½ inches tall – and it's one of the small ones!

The Galahad GEV is the mainstay of the Paneuropean army. Its speed and maneuverability have earned it a place in nearly every battle of the Last War. It is only fitting that the workhorse of the Ogre world is the first official Macroture.

This figure was sculpted by Philip Miller, based on the 1/285 scale model designed by Winchell Chung, sculpted by Randy Hoffa, and modified by Dave Summers.

Richard Kerr painted the images here.

The Galahad GEV Macroture is only available through Warehouse 23.