Ogre Miniatures: Combine Jammer

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Jammers, or jamscreens, emit a wide variety of signals which spoof every detector a cruise missile can use to orient itself. Jammers have 20 SPs, but no longer function once they has been reduced to 10 SPs. They are not counted as "destroyed" for VPs until the building is reduced to 0 SPs. Buildings in Ogre do not generally have point costs, except as determined by the scenario.

This figure stands 45mm tall. The base is 39mm at its widest.

This is a single unpackaged, unpainted miniature in 1/285 scale. It is shipped in a ziplock bag, along with any other miniatures ordered.

Design and sculpture by Philip Miller.

Optional Rule: Jammers

Players may use the rules below by mutual agreement. These rules are still being playtested; please email us

with any feedback.

Jammer effects operate continuously as long as they are active. The one exception is the Pulse Jammer (see below). Jammers effect friend and foe equally; your own units aren't immune to the jamming, so plan accordingly.

Jammers come in a variety of types, depending on which frequencies they interfere with, and at what strength. Each type of jammer must be purchased separately. Overlapping jammers of the same type do not have a cumulative effect. However, an area can be under the effect of multiple jammers.

Basic Jammer

For 1 armor unit/6VP, this jammer may disrupt any missile (cruise or Ogre) within 15 hexes/30". Any units which attempt to intercept a disrupted missile add 2 to their roll.

Anti-Ogre Jammer

For 0.5 armor units/3VP, this jammer can reduce the attack strength of any Ogre missile by 1, if either the firer or the target are within a 15 hex/30" radius.

Directed Jammer

For 1 armor unit/6VP, this jammer can chose to direct its effects narrowly, into a cone 10 hexes/20" long and 11 hexes/22" wide at the widest point. All units within the area of effect subtract 1 from their attack strength, for as long as they are within the area of effect. Units with adjusted attack strengths of 0 or less cannot attack, but can defend normally. Ogres subtract 1 from the attack strength of each weapon. Infantry are unaffected.

Pulse Jammer

For 2 armor units/12VP, this jammer can tune its effects into a weapon. It focuses a blast of disrupting signals at a spot within 5 hexes/10". Each unit within this hex or the six surrounding hexes (or, for hexless games, within 4" of the targeted point) are considered disabled on a roll of 4 or greater on one die. Ogres and infantry are unaffected. Units disabled by a jamming pulse recover normally. Units which are already disabled, and fail the roll, are considered destroyed – their electronics are useless for the duration of the battle! Units which enter the area at a later time are not affected.

Broad Spectrum Jammer

For 2 armor units/12VP, this jammer can prevent any unit within a 15 hex/30" radius from combining its fire with any other unit. Infantry may still combine into platoons. Ogres may still combine the fire on any of its own weapons. Units within the effective radius of this jammer lose all advantages from Sensor Grids and Command Posts.

Anti-Cruise Missile Jammer

For 3 armor units/18VP, this jammer can affect any fired Cruise Missiles within a 15 hex/30" radius. Any affected CM travels for (1d+2 hexes / 3d inches) in a random direction, then crashes, with a 50% chance of exploding on impact. The CM may be intercepted as usual after its flight path is affected by the jammer.