Ogre Miniatures: Ogre Mark IV Repair Kit

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An assortment of parts to repair or customize the Ogre Mark IV.

In 2074, the Combine was flush with the success of the largest cybertank to date - the Ogre Mk. III. Designers were tasked with building a bigger, better Ogre. Rather than build one unit to do everything, they designed two: the Mk. V for short-range, high-intensity exchanges, and the Mk. IV for fast strike, long-range power.

The Ogre Mk. IV carries a single main gun, and a pair of secondaries. However, its primary weapons are the three missile racks mounted in the rear, loaded with 5 missiles each. In addition, it moves faster than any other unit, short of a GEV - a full 4 hexes per turn. A certain amount of durability was sacrificed to achieve such speeds though; this cybertank has only 56 tread units. The Ogre Mk. IV adds 150 points to your army.

This is not a complete kit. It's a set of unpackaged, unpainted, unassembled metal miniature parts in 1/285 scale.

Design and sculpture by Richard Kerr.