Ogre Miniatures: Ogre Mark V Repair Kit

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An assortment of parts to repair or customize the Ogre Mark V.

The mighty Mark V terrorized the battlefields of the Last War . . . on both sides. It was introduced by the Combine, but Paneurope fielded its own Mark Vs built from captured templates. The Mark V was the biggest cybertank to see action in any numbers. It has the intelligence of a genius, the cold savagery of a shark, and the firepower of an armor battalion. It adds 150 points to your army - on whichever side you choose!

This is not a complete kit. It's a set of unpackaged, unpainted, unassembled metal miniature parts in 1/285 scale.

Design by Winchell Chung; sculpture by Ab Mobasher, modified by Ral Partha's Dave Summers.