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    48 tiles, 8 towers, 4 temples, 80 huts, 4 cards, rules

    Publisher Rio Grande Games
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On Taluva, that South Seas island shrouded in secrecy, raw elemental powers prevail. Powerful volcanoes erupt, pouring their lava into the sea, forming a terrace-like jungle landscape.

Four groups try to establish themselves on this island. They search the jungle, beaches, and lakes, looking for the best places to build their huts, towers, and temples. They put their fate in the hands of their gods.

Each player makes decisions on how the islands grows and where his group builds their huts, towers, and temples. At the end of the game, the temples are the most important for scoring. It may be advantageous for a player to hasten the game end by building all of two kinds of buildings. But note: when a player runs out of buildings, he must relinquish his dreams and withdraw.


  • 48 volcano tiles
  • 8 towers in 4 colors
  • 12 temples in 4 colors
  • 80 huts in 4 colors
  • 4 summary cards
  • 1 rule booklet

2 - 4 players
Ages 10+
45 minutes