Runic Fantasy: Expanded Professions

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  • Publisher Ronin Arts
    Stock Number RARQ001

With Runic Fantasy: Expanded Professions, Ronin Arts launches a new series of fantasy roleplaying supplements. Inside the pages of this 32-page PDF you will find:

  • 17 new professions.
  • Detailed descriptions of every profession found in the RuneQuest Main Rulebook, the Companion, and the new professions in these pages. These descriptions include expanded rules that make a character’s profession selection more important than ever!
  • An optional system that allows characters to start play with two professions.

Written by Philip Reed, and packed with solid mechanics that enhance the use of professions during gameplay, Runic Fantasy: Expanded Professions is a vital tool for improving your character’s chance of survival during the next adventure.

Written by Philip Reed