PZP: Mooks Amok! #1

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  • Publisher Ronin Arts
    Stock Number PZP-0001

Is your plot feeling a bit underpopulated? Do your villains need some extra firepower or a few streetwise scum? Are your heroes calling for allies and assistance? Look no further -- Mooks Amok! is here!

The Mooks Amok! line of PDF supplements are all about the "other guys" -- from the nameless goons guarding a villain's base, to monstrous menaces threatening your campaign world, to the fearless, forthright friends that every hero needs! Featuring iconic, full-color art by Darren Bulmer, Mooks Amok! is there to provide GMs with the supporting cast they need!

Each release in the Mooks Amok! series contains:

  • Thirty six fully-detailed, unique sets of Minions at varying Power Levels.
  • Twelve thematic organizations.
  • Easy to print, easy to read individual sheets for each Minion type.

Mooks Amok! -- Grab a copy now, and show your players how tough the second-string really is!