A Dozen Hazards of the City

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  • Publisher Ronin Arts
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In this 7-page PDF Philip Reed provides DMs with twelve new hazards designed for use in urban environments. Unlike prior releases in this series, A Dozen Hazards of the City limits the more traditional hazards - molds, slimes, and fogs - to only five entries and uses the bulk of the PDF to offer unusual hazards that provide abstract rules for handling things like funeral processions and press gangs.

The hazards in this PDF are:

  • Falling Refuse.
  • Funeral Procession.
  • Loose Sewer Cover.
  • Overflowing Drainage Ditches.
  • Press Gang Surprise.
  • Runaway Coach.
  • Swarm of Thieves.
  • Bather's Mold.
  • Merchant's Mold.
  • Septic Slime.
  • Sewage Fog.

Written by Philip Reed