Rifts: Megaverse Builder

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Rifts Dimension Book Seven

This is the big picture - the way the Megaverse works. This book is your key to the secrets of the infinite dimensions that only the gods know, and are now yours to command. Rules and suggestions for creating your own dimensions, as well as a few examples, and tons of adventure ideas make the Rifts Megaverse Builder a must-have for Game Masters who want to take their games to the next level.

This sourcebook is also for players, and offers a much expanded description of the Shifter O.C.C. plus the new Tolkeen Artifact Hunter and Scavenger O.C.C.s, as well as dimensional familiars, monsters, and places for adventure.

  • The Shifter O.C.C. expanded, Tolkeen Artifact Hunter and Scavenger O.C.C.s.
  • Exotic new familiars and dangerous dimensional monsters and strangeness.
  • Dimension creation rules.
  • Dimensional storms and anomalies.
  • The dimensions of Spires, the Great Machine, and the Garbage Pit.
  • Dozens of Hook, Line, and Sinker adventure outlines and ideas for many more.

Rifts, endless possibilities limited only by the imagination!

Written by Carl Gleba.