Rifts: Three Galaxies

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Rifts Dimension Book Six

A guide to the Three Galaxies, this book takes a look at dozens of solar systems and individual planets, notable races, people, and monsters, as well as space anomalies, spaceships, and more. Discover the Hunter System where giant semi-intelligent serpents and other monsters are hunted for sport. Explore worlds hidden inside nebulas. Defy the murderous Necrons, their living weapons and organic starships.

  • An overview of the Three Galaxies and some of the prominent people and places in them.
  • 16 O.C.C.s/R.C.C.s and a half dozen monsters.
  • More on the Intruders, Kreeghor, Splugorth, and others.
  • New equipment and spacecraft, including construction rules for space stations.
  • Introducing the deadly Demon Star and Necron living starships.
  • The legendary Demon Planet - a world killing thing that is the size of a planet itself.
  • Adventure ideas by the dozen. Rumors, villains, and starting points.
  • 160 pages.

Written by Carl Gleba.