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Rifts: Book of Magic

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    352 pages

    Publisher Palladium Books
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Rifts Mega-Sourcebook

The ultimate Rifts reference on magic

Its all here! Every bit of information about spells and other types of magic currently known on Rifts Earth. Blue Flame Magic, Cloud Magic, Elemental Magic, Ley Line Magic, Necro-Magic, Ocean Magic, Nature Magic, Spoiling Magic, Whalesongs and all the rest - listed and described for your easy use. Where needed, some spells have been updated and clarified; a few new ones added.

  • Every Spell! Spell Invocations and types of magic available.
  • Tattoo Magic and Nazca Line Magic.
  • Magic herbs, plants and components.
  • All kinds of magic items and weapons, including rune weapons.
  • Every Techno-Wizard weapon, vehicle and device.
  • Shamanistic magic, Fetishes, Talismans and more.
  • Comprehensive index of practitioners of magic.
  • Designer notes and comments.
  • Game Master tips and hints for running magic characters.
  • Over 300 pages!

Rifts, endless possibilities limited only by one's imagination!

Written by Kevin Siembieda and Bill Coffin.