Rifts: Australia

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World Book Nineteen

Isolated from the rest of the world, the Land Down Under is a unique and wild land of survival, adventure, monsters, and magic. Written by native Australian Ben Lucas (with additional material by Siembieda). One of the most requested Rifts World Books is finally a reality!

  • Melbourne & Perth, two high-tech powers who may become the Coalition States of Australia - hard, paranoid, and cruel.
  • Rules for creating Outback communities.
  • Over 20 O.C.C.s like the Bushman, Jackaroo, and Road Sentinel.
  • Mystic O.C.C.s include the Sham-Man and Songjuicer.
  • Mutants and Monsters.
  • Dreamtime gods and menaces.
  • New weapons and technology.
  • World information and adventure ideas.
  • 224 pages

Rifts, endless possibilities limited only by one's imagination!

Written by Kevin Siembieda and Ben Cassin Lucas.