Rifts: Mystic Russia

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World Book Eighteen

Monsters and magic galore! Inspired by Russian myth, but given that ol'Rifts twist. Plus more on the Russian people, life styles, and the Warlords of Russia.

  • Mystic Kuznya and their magic weapons, armor, and items.
  • Russian Necromancer, Bone Magic, and new spells.
  • Fire Sorcerer and Fire Magic (new).
  • Old Believer and Nature Magic (new).
  • The Night Witch and Spoiling Magic (new).
  • Russian Demons and their place in the world.
  • Woodland Spirits from ancient myth.
  • The Slayer and other new O.C.C.s.
  • Russian Gypsies including the Beguiler and Enforcer.
  • Sovietski tanks and war machines.
  • Tons of adventure ideas.
  • 176 pages.

Written by Kevin Siembieda.