Rifts: Spirit West

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World Book Fifteen

A companion to Rifts Lone Star and New West.

The New West as seen through the eyes of Native Americans as they rise to build new nations.

  • Over a dozen new O.C.C.s, including the Animal Shaman, Mask Shaman, Paradox Shaman, Elemental Shaman, Tribal Warrior, Mystic Warrior, Spirit Warrior, and others.
  • Minor, Great and Legendary Fetishes - objects of magic.
  • Totem Animals and the special character traits, bonuses and skills they bestow.
  • Over 30 Shamanistic spells, plus special Shaman powers.
  • Native American beliefs, culture, and viewpoints.
  • Notable weapons and equipment; low and high-tech.
  • Notable spirits, elementals, monsters and gods.
  • Notable places, territories, leaders and world information.
  • Overview of the Indian Territories, maps and adventure ideas.

Written by Wayne Breaux Jr.