Rifts: England

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World Book Three

A supplement for Rifts.

  • The return of Erin Tarn.
  • Magic wands and staves.
  • Healing and magic herbs and devices.
  • Temporal magic, with 25 new spells and O.C.C.s
  • The Chiang-Ku Dragon - creators of tattoo magic!
  • Many new optional player classes and races including the Temporal Wizard, Temporal Warrior, Temporal Raider, Druids, Chiang-Ku, Knights of Camelot, and more.
  • The Millennium Tree and Millennium Druids.
  • Monsters, faerie folk, ancient gods and supernatural menaces.
  • New Camelot, a very different spin on Arthurian legend.
  • Nexus Knights and Ghost Knights.
  • Stonehenge and places of magic.
  • Over 150 pages.

Written by Kevin Siembieda.