Rifts: Conversion Book One

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    192 pages

    Publisher Palladium Books
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Revised Edition

A revised, expanded and updated edition of Palladium's number one supplement for Rifts. Page after page of rules and stats for bringing other Palladium characters, magic, and powers into the multi-dimensional realm of Rifts Earth.

  • Conversion rules for Palladium games in general.
  • Conversion rules for Palladium Fantasy and magic.
  • Conversion rules for Heroes Unlimited, Ninjas & Superspies, and super abilities.
  • Conversion stats for over 100 monsters.
  • Conversion stats for over 40 optional player races, including Giants, Wolfen, and others.
  • Culture shock and adapting to a new world.
  • 192 pages

Written, expanded, and updated by Kevin Siembieda.