The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

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A Game of Wagers, Wine, and Competitive Adventuring

Can you keep up with Baron Munchausen's extraordinary adventures as he travels to the Moon and the Sun, rides cannon-balls, defeats armies single-handed, meets the gods, and escapes from bandits on half a horse?

The stories of the legendary nobleman come to life as players battle to outdo each other's fantastic feats and amazing accomplishments. It's a roleplaying, story-telling game of outrageous originality and swashbuckling exaggeration, stretching the bounds of truth until they twang.

How is this possible? If Baron Munchausen is involved, anything is possible.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen contains full rules, more than two hundred adventures ready to be played, mechanics that replace dice and pencils with money and fine wine, quick-start rules and many insults against the inhabitants of various nations, but principally the French.

This expanded edition, a facsimile of a suppressed volume originally released in 1808, adds rules for playing the game in an Arabian style and a complete supplementary game, 'My Uncle the Baron', designed for children, the inbred, and those who are very drunk.

"The original edition of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen was unique and marvellous. This new edition is even better. If you are a clever person with clever friends, you will enjoy reading and playing it. Let's not consider the alternative."
-Steve Jackson

"Utter brilliance in RPG form!"
-John Kovalic, creator of Dork Tower

Nominated for Best New RPG in the 1999 Origins Awards

This electronic version of the game, the Difference Engine no.3 Edition, is exclusively available from e23.