Glorantha Classics: Pavis & Big Rubble

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Pavis: Threshold to Danger is brought alive through neighborhood maps, indexed for services adventurers need - armorers, temples, and so on, plus all of the city's politico-religious groupings and prominent personalities.

The background information features chronologies, historical essays, maps, and the cults of: Flintnail, Lanbril, Black Fang, Pavis, Zola Fel, and the never before published Sun Dragon cult. Last is the legendary epic, Cradle scenario, encompassing the glorious struggle of saving the first giant cradle to appear on the River Cradles in over 700 years.

Big Rubble: The Deadly City is the perfect hunting ground for adventurers. Exploration parties may venture forth into the Rubble to salvage or plunder the treasures and magics in its ruins, all under the watchful eye of the occupying Lunar Empire. The Big Rubble is a vast area enclosed by giant-built walls of solid stone. Once it was the site of Robcradle, an ancient Jrusteli city, it became the magnificent capital of the hero Pavis. Only thousands of acres of ruin and destruction now remain, full of robbers, outcasts, and inhuman monsters.

The nine scenarios include the insidious Devil's Playground and the mysterious and deadly Puzzle Canal.