HeroQuest: Orlanth Is Dead!

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Sartar Rising, Part 2

Winds stop. Air thins. Magic fails.
Winter begins, out of season. You expect to hear the news any time now, but you already know the truth. Whitewall has fallen. The old world is over. "Where will you be when the Hero Wars begin?"

Orlanth is Dead! begins the Sartar Rising campaign and the Hero Wars with an epic conflict against the Lunar Empire. As winter deepens and spring fails to come, the rebellion begins in southern Sartar at the supernatural struggle later known as the Battle of Iceland. The end of the world is not just for great heroes and famous leaders, for it encompasses everyone in its deadly embrace. During the days of doom and the final battle, ordinary Orlanthi tribesmen have a chance to begin their own epic careers - if they survive!

Selected Contents:

  • Welcome to the Hero Wars - Notes for running a game as part of the Sartar Rising campaign series.
  • The Sartar Campaign - Includes a Hero Wars Timeline, details about Kallyr Starbrow, and Solving the Mystery of Argrath.
  • Your Clan - Discover the mythical history of your ancestors using the Clan Questionnaire.
  • Heortling Warfare - Vingkot's Muster, Battle Magic, Two-Roll Contests, and other narrator notes on running large Heortling battles.
  • Narrator Resources - Statistics for eight great leaders of the rebellion and important Lunar foes, including Kallyr Starbrow, Minaryth Purple, King Broyan, and the Sun Dome Templars. Includes a magic keyword for Yelmalio.
  • Orlanth is Dead! - a campaign outline based on the Heortling Sacred Calendar, detailing the events that occur from the fall of Whitewall to the Battle of Iceland.
  • The Battle of Iceland - The epic battle against the Lunars that will break the Endless Winter or seal the fate of the Orlanthi.

Orlanth is Dead! is the second volume of the Sartar Rising series. It is intended for narrators who must own Hero Wars to use it fully.

Written by Greg Stafford and friends.