HeroQuest: Barbarian Adventures

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Sartar Rising, part 1

Every day, danger and opportunity confront the Orlanthi barbarians of Sartar. Those heroes who step out in front of their communities to face these challenges take the first step on the long, hazardous road to the Hero Wars. Everyday activities such as cattle raids, blood feuds, and riding patrol teach players what it means to be a Heortling. Introductory adventures familiarize players with the everyday risks of life in the hills. Are your heroes brave enough to defy their Imperial oppressors? Will they cast themselves into the conflagrations of the Hero Wars?

Selected Contents

  • The Kingdom of Sartar - Information on the History, Tribes, Councils, and Travel Customs of the Kingdom of Sartar.
  • Player Resources - Seek the advice of the Clan Lawspeaker or consult a specialist with powerful magic.
  • Narrator Resources - Neighbors, Imperial Enemies, Wanderers, and Oddballs to enliven any campaign. Includes the magic keyword for Doburdun, the Dara Happan God of Thunder.
  • Clan Activities - Seasonal Events, Triggered Episodes, and Everyday Activities to challenge player heroes.
  • A Year of Chaos - Fight Chaos monstrosities as you uncover an evil buried deep within the clan.
  • Blood Feud - Become embroiled in a deadly feud because of a horse.
  • These Women Need Help - Escort a group of friendly (perhaps more than friendly) healers around the countryside.

Barbarian Adventures is the first volume of the Sartar Rising series. It is intended for both players and narrators, who must own HeroQuest to use it fully.