HeroQuest: Men of the Sea

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Sailor Heroes of Glorantha

From the first invasion of land by the waters to the Curse of the Closing that swept the seas clear of all ships, from the heroic voyage of Dormal that opened the seas to the Battle of Oenriko Rock that broke the Vadeli Monopoly, the seas of Glorantha are a place of excitement. Men of the Sea is your guide to the excitement and danger of sailing on the Open Seas. Aboard a ship blessed by Dormal, guided by the winds, stars, and your trusty doom compass, your hero will discover a new world of adventure. Visit new shores, savor exotic fruits, meet foreigners with strange ways, and learn firsthand of the majesty and terror of Magasta, Lord of the Seas. Is your hero up to the challenge of venturing forth into a brave new world?

Selected Contents

  • A Sailor's Life for Me - This introduction to sailing tells What Every Sailor Knows, how others see sailors, and how the men of the sea view themselves.
  • It's Not Just a Job - This chapter describes The Life of a Sailor, from getting your sea legs and the intricacies of being the captain of A Ship of Your Own to worshipping Dormal, the Great Opener of the Seas, too. It provides four new occupation keywords and eight Maritime Homelands to supplement those in Heroquest and open up previously undiscovered lands to Sailor Heroes. Set sail as a brave fisherman from the Rightarm Islands or Loskalm's Ozur Bay, a dedicated marine from Seshnela's Quinpolic League or the Suam Chow of Kralorela, an intrepid sailor from the Malki Coast or the wondrous island or Haragala, or a masterful ship's captain from Golden Kareeshtu or the Quinpolic League.
  • All at Sea - All who venture onto the oceans and seas must understand Sailing in Glorantha, from the basics of navigation to the dangers posed by unique Sailing Hazards. This chapter provides full rules for using ships in HeroQuest, the Maelstrom Sailing takes readers on a tour around Glorantha's seas and Ports of Call. The section concludes with two sample hero bands.

Men of the Seas sets the stage for the Oceans and Islands series. It is intended for players and narrators, who must own HeroQuest to use it fully.

Written by Martin Hawley.

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