HeroQuest: Masters of Luck and Death

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Hero Bands for the Hero Wars

The great and the mighty prepare for the end of the world. Heroes of courage and conviction band together to destroy evil, drive out the corrupt, and save their world, which stumbles towards doom. Warriors seek to heal a wounded land, healers take up arms against death, scholars trust to their instincts, and magicians seek new magic. Friends and foes become uneasy allies, enacting sacred pacts of assistance. Even giants, gods, and dragons will fall before their combined might.

The Great War Looms

Masters of Luck and Death contains guidelines for playing in campaigns based around particular types of heroes: fighters, healers, scholars, wanderers, and magicians. It also details twenty-seven hero bands prepared for the Hero Wars, from the hardened warriors of the Brotherhood of the Golden Bow to the dashing entertainers of Captain Dashwood's Traveling Show; from the Comet Seers who call stellar flame from the heavens, to the ghost-walked corridors of Jevdur Library, which hold ancient secrets and tantalizing hints of the future. Each band is fully described, with goals, history, renowned members, guardian, membership keyword, and an illustration of a typical member. Many include magic keywords for new gods, saints, or great spirits. Will your heroes become their allies or even seek to join? Or will these groups become their enemies, primed to kill them or doomed to die at their hands? These are the questions only your heroes can answer.

Masters of Luck and Death is intended for both players and narrators.

The Hero Wars are here! Take your place in the struggle, for no one can face the world alone.

Written by Stephen Martin.