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HeroQuest: Hero's Book

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Welcome to HeroQuest

The old world is over, and new legends are being made. You may be an adventurer seeking new experiences, or a loyal warrior defending your homeland. Whoever you choose to be, you are a hero, destined for greatness during the Hero Wars.

Everyone is a hero in HeroQuest!

HeroQuest is a roleplaying game set in Glorantha, where the gods are real and heroes leave their mark on the world. It is set during the Hero Wars, a time when cosmic forces stir, demons break loose from their fetters, and empires hang in the balance.

Hero's Book contains everything a player needs to know to start the journey into Glorantha. It is intended for players who need to quickly learn the basic rules of play, but who will be guided by a narrator using the full set of rules. It does not contain the complete HeroQuest rules.

A Game of Heroes
The first half of the book consists of rules and guidance for playing HeroQuest. Some of the text is drawn from the full rules, although with additional examples of play and explanation. Other sections are completely new. Character generation, abilities, running contests, basic magic, and relationships are covered, with tips for how to get the most out of playing HeroQuest.

A Game of Conflict
The second half of the book provides players what they need to get playing straightaway: overviews of the Lunar Empire and the Heortling barbarians, two of the main cultures opposing each other in the Hero Wars. Each of the two sections contains details of the lands, beliefs, and gods of the homeland; six pre-generated heroes ready to personalize and use; and an all-new hero band, a company of allies ready for the heroes to join.

Written by Mark Galeotti.