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HeroQuest Limited Edition Hardcover

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This is a deluxe, limited hardcover edition.

HeroQuest (formerly announced as the second edition of Hero Wars) has been completely revised, re-edited, and laid out in a new format. It includes complete rules for roleplaying in Glorantha, including beginner-friendly Character Creation, simplified Contest resolution, new rules for Hero Bands and Guardians, and streamlined Magic systems. New scenarios, a new heroquest, several hero bands, and a narrative example written by Greg Stafford breathe life into the rules for players and narrators alike. HeroQuest was written by award-winning designers Robin D. Laws and Greg Stafford.

Each copy of the limited edition hardcover will be signed by Greg Stafford, numbered, and have a rune of the customer's choice printed on the cover. More than 400 runes are available, some of them never before revealed to the public.