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Roleplaying in Glorantha

Cosmic forces stir. Gods and goddesses awaken, spirits cross the barrier, and essences flow over the world. Demons shatter their bonds and ravage the world. Demigods lead armies and the dead lurch forth from their graves. Oceans rise, the sky falls. It is the Hero Wars.

A Game of Adventure

Foreigners surge into your homeland. Monsters roam the landscape. Empires rise and fall, and lives hang in the balance. Adventure into the myths and conflicts of this ancient and magical world and make it your home.

A Game of Heroes

You oversee the actions of your hero. You choose the abilities and magic that will propel him towards his destiny. Gather your companions and gain the support of peoples, nations, and religions. Quest to become an immortal hero of legend.

A Game of Discovery

Starting is quick and easy, because the game is designed to teach the rules as part of the story. A colorful narrative illustrates the rules, setting, and flexible nature of the system. All the rules needed to play are in this book.

Selected Contents

  • Playing HeroQuest - Information on Roleplaying in Glorantha, What are the Hero Wars?, and Magical Landscapes.
  • Heroes - Create your hero by choosing from 13 occupations and 10 homelands.
  • Hero Points - Use hero points to influence the game or improve your hero.
  • Core Rules - Rules for Simple Contests, Extended Contests, Modifiers and Augmentation, and Healing and Recovery.
  • Relationships - Use Retainers and Sidekicks, seek Community Support, and pledge yourself to Guardians and Hero Bands.
  • Basic Magic - Universal Magic Rules for Contests, Common Magic, and Religions, including sample Common Religions.
  • Theism - Magic from the God World, including Sample Deities.
  • Animism - Magic from the Spirit World, including Sample Traditions and Practices.
  • Wizardry - Magic from the Essence Planes, including Sample Churches, Saintly Orders, and Wizardry Schools.
  • Narrating HeroQuest - Tips for helping Heroes, running Contests, narrating HeroQuest, and having Maximum Game Fun.
  • Heroquesting - Adventures in the Gods War, with details of The Story, The Hero, The Crossing, The Quest, and The Return.
  • Creatures - Statistics for 45 creatures to aid or oppose your hero.
  • Introduction to Glorantha - Mythos and History, The Mortal World, and an introduction to Dragon Pass, land of thunder.
  • Adventures - Four complete adventures, including the Heavy Earth heroquest.
  • Appendices - Sample Hero Bands, Bibliography and Sources, Game Aids, Glossary of Essential Game Terms, and a full Index.

Everyone is a hero in HeroQuest!

HeroQuest, Roleplaying in Glorantha is intended for both players and narrators.

Written by Robin D. Laws and Greg Stafford.