Off the Wall Armies: Otterman Infantry Bowman

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    1 unpackaged Otterman Infantry Bowman

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An individual Otterman Infantry Bowman. This model is not currently included in a boxed set.

Archery is held in high regard in the Ottermen Empire, a fact this warrior takes pride in. In training or friendly battles, he uses blunt arrows and targets the body for non-lethal hits. In serious combat, he often aims for unarmored limbs, and is capable of making trick shots.

Off The Wall Armies is a new collection of old figures, improbable and hilarious. Sculpted in 28mm scale, each set features anthropomorphic animal figures - sometimes known as "furries" - with weapons and gear from different historical periods. They're great as the foundation of a "furry" campaign, as high-tech bioroids, or just as weird new encounters for adventurers from any time or place.

The Otterman are based on the Canadian river otter, with a culture from the 14th through 17th century Ottoman Turks.

This is a single unpackaged, unpainted metal miniature in 28mm scale. It is shipped in a ziplock bag, along with any other miniatures ordered.

Sculpted by Richard Kerr