Off the Wall Armies: Otterman Infantry Officer

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    1 unpackaged Otterman Infantry Officer

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An individual Otterman Infantry Officer. This model is not currently included in a boxed set.

Officers in the Ottermen Empire are highly trained in the finer points of tactics and warfare. Many spend hundreds of hours honing their skill with board games designed to simulate battles. On the field of combat, they stay on the move, directing their troops from the midst of the fray. Their chain armor and swords keep them nimble and combat-effective.

Off The Wall Armies is a new collection of old figures, improbable and hilarious. Sculpted in 28mm scale, each set features anthropomorphic animal figures - sometimes known as "furries" - with weapons and gear from different historical periods. They're great as the foundation of a "furry" campaign, as high-tech bioroids, or just as weird new encounters for adventurers from any time or place.

The Otterman are based on the Canadian river otter, with a culture from the 14th through 17th century Ottoman Turks.

This is a single unpackaged, unpainted metal miniature in 28mm scale. It is shipped in a ziplock bag, along with any other miniatures ordered.

Sculpted by Richard Kerr