Dork Tower #19

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The Junk Food Issue

It's the return of iron chef snackfood! Watch out as Igor attempts to create the perfect gaming treat! Plus some of the best-known names in gaming and comics contribute to a Dork Tower pullout Gamers' Cookbook! Gary Gygax, Shannon Wheeler, Steve Jackson, James Ernest, and Margaret Weis on top of the secret recipe for those legendary "Igor Bars"! Plus a free game that lets you play with your food, "GummiHamster 40K" from Placebo Press, which even non-gamers will eat up.

Dork Tower is for anybody who's ever played Dungeons and Dragons, who's ever gone to a Star Trek convention, anyone who suspects that anime is growing, or anyone who KNOWS one of these people. But it's really for people who know what saving rolls you need to make against a level III Demon, which Classic Trek episodes involved the Prime Directive (and who were the directors), and the names of six minor characters and a dog in the Bubblegum Crisis.

It's the story of Matt, Igor, Ken, Carson the Muskrat (yes, he's a muskrat - and he also happens to be the star of Wild Life) and Gilly, the Perky Goth. They're trapped in a world they never made . . . but are nevertheless striving to create a realistic yet playable simulation thereof!

Written by John Kovalic.