Star Hero: Terran Empire

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Adventures in Imperial Space

Terran Empire chronicles the history and adventures of Humanity from 2400 to 2700. After narrowly defeating the terrifying Xenovores, Humans reunite under the banner of the Empire and soon rule nearly a fifth of the Galaxy. But power corrupts, and eventually the Empire declines into oppression and tyranny, forcing rebel heroes to band together and overthrow it.

Terran Empire includes:

  • A complete history of the 2400-2700 period, chronicling the Empire's rise, period of prosperity and power, and eventual fall into corruption and cruelty
  • Character creation guidelines, including dozens of Species and Professional Package Deals
  • A review of galactic politics and society
  • Extensive starship and equipment chapters
  • A wealth of campaign options - everything from free trading, to military adventures, to exploration, to leading the rebellion that eventually overthrows the Empire
  • Hundreds of scenario hooks for GMs and character ideas for players
  • A separate GM's Vault section for "GM only" information, so players can use the book without learning any of the secrets the GM plans to create adventures around

Written by James Cambias.