Champions: Reality Storm

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The greatest heroes of two worlds . . . together at last!

When the deadliest villains of two universes - Dr. Destroyer and Kreutzritter - team up to threaten both realities with their evil schemes, it's up to the heroes of both worlds - The Guard and the Champions - to join forces and stop them . . . but they need your heroes' help if they're going to succeed! Reality Storm presents this pulse-pounding superhero adventure for two game systems - Champions and Silver Age Sentinels - with enough action and adventure to satisfy any campaign!

Reality Storm includes:

  • Silver Age Sentinels stats for the Champions and Champions Universe villains, and Hero System stats for the Guard and the villains of Empire City
  • complete, official conversion rules for translating Champions characters into Silver Age Sentinels terms, and vice versa

Written by Darren Watts and Allen Thomas.