Champions Universe

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A World of Superheroic Adventure!

Champions Universe is the official Hero Games setting for Champions, the Hero System game of superpowered roleplaying. The Champions Universe is a compelling world, filled with unique and intriguing details to make campaigns more exciting and fun.

Champions Universe includes:

  • a detailed history of the world, from the rise of superhumans in 1938 until the present day
  • how the world of the Champions Universe differs from our own - how the existence of superhumans has affected government, the media, technology, and more
  • a review of superhumans and sites of interest around the world, including secret bases, long-lost civilizations, space stations, mystic gateways, and lots more
  • a look at what the most powerful characters and organizations in the setting - Dr. Destroyer, UNTIL, Mechanon, DEMON, VIPER, and more - are like, and what schemes and missions they're currently involved in
  • hundreds of scenario hooks for GMs and character ideas for players
  • a separate GM's Vault section for "GM only" information, so players can use the book without learning any of the secrets the GM plans to create adventures around
  • and more!

Written by Steve Long and Darren Watts.