Hero System: The Ultimate Vehicle

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Riding the Red Line

The Ultimate Vehicle is a comprehensive guide to vehicles in the Hero System. It provides advanced and expanded rules for gamers who want to build anything from a chariot, to a sleek sports car, to an airplane, to a star cruiser, to a mech! Whether you need to know how sailing ships work, how to make five small mecha that combine into one gigantic super-mech, or how to run exciting car chase scenes, The Ultimate Vehicle has just what you need. It includes:

  • general rules for vehicle design in the Hero System
  • individual chapters devoted to specific types of vehicles (ground vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, spacecraft, and mecha), with rules for simulating the way they move and function
  • extensive rules for vehicular combat and using vehicles in adventures
  • an equipment chapter jam-packed with pre-built vehicle systems for easy "drag-and-drop" vehicle creation
  • guidelines for creating vehicle-oriented characters
  • over fifty example vehicles, ranging from stagecoaches to starships

Written by Bob Greenwade and Steve Long.