Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin Trilogy

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Why settle for a third of a Frontier Town when you can wrangle the whole kit and caboodle with one toss of a lasso? This package has all three volumes of the ENnie-nominated Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin, at a special price . . . more than 20% off.

That means a Judge gets a well-stocked town of 17 fully-described establishments, with more than 90 fully-described NPCs (inlcuding historical figures such as Doc Holliday, John Henry Selman and "Big Nose" Kate) and a total of 115 adventure hooks. From players who like the gamin' tables, to heroes lookin' for a mystery to solve, or travelers who need a good shave and a hot bath, the Fort Griffin Trilogy is fine as cream gravy.

Every establishment comes with a thorough description of its history, current proprietor and other notables, as well as maps and room-by-room details. The personalities that make each place come alive are furnished with statistics for Sidewinder: Recoiled in addition to the descriptions. And a number of important characters have original illustrations to boot. Even if a Judge prefers not to use the stats, there's plenty of content packed in these 170 pages to make Frontier Towns suitable for any Wild West game.


The Fort Griffin Trilogy comes with the following establishments designed for a hootin'-hollerin' time in an Old West burg. Please see each individual volume for more notes about each place.

  • African Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Beehive Saloon
  • Chen's Laundry
  • Clampitt Wagon Yard
  • Doc Culver's
  • Doney's Saloon
  • Earl's Shave and Bathe
  • F.B. York's Bank
  • Fort Griffin Jail
  • Frontier House
  • Louis Woolform's Bakery
  • Pete Haverty's Livery
  • Planter's Hotel
  • Post Office and Drug Store
  • Shannsey's Saloon
  • Thorp Blacksmith
  • York and Meyers Outfitters

Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Geoff Spakes / Christopher S. Warner