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Grand Fleet

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Grand Fleet is a sourcebook for all versions of Traveller. Concentrating on the Imperial Navy of the Third Imperium, it presents data on naval operations, procedures and ships for many interstellar powers including the Solomani Confederation, the Julian Protectorate, and the Two Thousand Worlds.

Grand Fleet details the role and organization of an interstellar navy as well as the specifics of shipboard protocol such as command devolution, legal and illegal orders, and how much latitude a starship captain has once underway.

Grand Fleet also presents details of the exact composition of an Imperial Sector and Subsector fleet; ship strengths and types, and the vital role played by reserve and Colonial forces in backing up the main strength of the Grand Fleet.

Grand Fleet is compatible with ALL versions of Traveller. It contains answers to some of the Big Questions concerning the Imperial Navy:

  • What missions does the Navy actually carry out?
  • Can a Sector Duke legally give orders to a naval Admiral?
  • How does the Navy recruit and train its personnel?
  • How many patrol ships are available in a typical subsector?
  • When the Bridge is shot away, who takes command?
  • What is the composition of a Sector Fleet?
  • When is an order illegal? Should it be obeyed anyway?
  • What jurisdiction does a corporate Route Protector have?
  • How much does an Able Spacehand get paid?
  • When a Commodore commands a single-ship force, is the Captain still in command?
Authors Martin J Dougherty and Neil Frier bring a wealth of gaming and real-world experience to Grand Fleet. Neil is a transport engineer with immense knowledge of Traveller, while Martin is a defense analyst who has lectured on naval issues in London and Paris.

Avenger Quote:
"The Imperial Navy is the Senior Service of the Third Imperium, and a critical part of the game setting. Yet hard data on the Grand Fleet of the Third Imperium has never been collated and published. Well, it has now!"

Author Quote:
"Ever since High Guard we've both been fascinated with the Imperial Navy. This is the book we always wanted to write."