Call of Cthulhu: Ramsey Campbell's Goatswood

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A Severn Valley Sourcebook and Open Campaign for Call of Cthulhu

Goatswood is set in the towns and villages of the Severn River Valley, in southwestern Britain. A gentle land of green rolling hills, thick ancient forests, and golden limestone cottages, the Severn Valley nonetheless holds dark and brooding secrets. The world of Ramsey Campbell is not always a nice place . . . not always a pretty place. It is deadly to those who meddle where they do not belong, to those who seek the things man is best not knowing, and to those who covet darkness and degenerate pleasures.

  • An investigator's inheritance includes an unwholesome treasure, and can serve as the introduction to a Severn Valley campaign.
  • Additional scenarios explore the dark secrets of the region and include explorations into the nature of vampirism and challenge our understanding of the mechanics of time.
  • Dozens of scenario hooks, many new spells and mythos artifacts, and hundreds of characters populate this corner of Britain and help bring the world of a major Mythos author to life.

Written by Scott Aniolowski.

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