Call of Cthulhu: Unseen Masters

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Three Present-Day Struggles Against Conspiracies and Hidden Powers

These three adventures are designed more as mini-campaigns than as scenarios. Each can be expanded upon to create many nights of play. They are made for experienced players, and present new and unexpected challenges for them. Keepers should be experienced as well, as the adventures are complex and full of colorful non-player characters. Each includes extra resources of useful information.

  • A serial killer stalks the citizens of New York City. As the body count mounts, the investigators must marshal the city's resources and try to make sense of the trail of evidence in time to prevent a massacre.
  • What is Truth? Where is the line between imagination and reality? Who can say that the mad do not see into realms forbidden to the sane? When one investigator stumbles upon the Truth, he threatens to dispel the veil of illusion woven by a powerful evil.
  • The prophesies of Armageddon will soon be fulfilled. As the plans of a great corporation begin to take direction, after twenty-seven centuries so does a shadow of ancient evil rise to finish what it began so long ago.

Written by Bruce Ballon.

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