BITS: Delta 3 Is Down

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A supplement for Traveller

The Zhodani . . .
. . . view the Imperials as violent, expansionist, mentally disturbed, guilt-ridden liars and thieves. The Imperials view the Zhodani as treacherous, mind-sucking scum.

Delta 3 is down . . .
. . . leaving a Zhodani admiral, carrying the latest plans for the Zhodani frontier fleet, stranded on an Imperial border world. The Zhodani crew must use their cunning and psionics to outwit the Imperials and return safely to their Consulate.

This adventure . . .
. . . contains pregenerated Zhodani characters, deckplans and statistics for two starships, detailed descriptions and maps of the Imperial border world of Emerald, guidance on playing Zhodani, rules on how to run the adventure as a tournament, and a generic task system compatible with all versions of Traveller.

Written by Dominic Mooney and Andy Lilly.

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