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The Blueprints product line offers you old-fashioned blueprinted maps for using in your adventures and campaigns. For each map you get a blueprint version and a standard black-and-white version. The maps are all vector-based so you will get maximum print resolution. Despite their old-fashioned appearance, each map offers you a degree of customization by using the PDF technology at its best. A small control bar (which will not be printed) on each map allows you to turn on and off the grid, eliminate the room numbers, get the walls filled, and don't show doors and furniture.

Each product features a classic fantasy adventure location: a dungeon, a keep, a temple complex, a thieves' guild, and so on. You can use these maps as references to build your own adventures or simply take them at hand in case your players go in an unexpected direction during the campaign.

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Halls of Giants

An ancient ruined keep, surrounded by a stream of water, stands before the entrance of the Halls of Giants. This oversized underground complex goes deep into the belly of the earth. The first level belongs mainly to guards and warriors, but features a temple area, too. Going deeper to level two, the chieftains' rooms are found. On the third level, a mining complex surrounds a great rift. A great staircase has been built over the rift at this level. The fourth level is under construction, dug all around the great rift.

You can place this dungeon just about anywhere. It could be inhabited by many kinds of giants, mainly those who dwell in rocky areas. The entrance could be on top of a mountain, on a rocky hill, or in plain ground.

Some hints to use the Halls of Giants follow:

• An evil fire giant cleric has discovered that an ancient artifact once believed destroyed in an underground volcano is still intact, and has begun to kidnap and enslave the neighboring people to dig the mountain.

• An ancient demon of the past has been freed from his slumber by stone giants who dug too deeply into the earth. A group of good-aligned characters managed to seal the Hall of Giants, but the demon lures the PCs to his lair through the stone giants, now enslaved.

• An evil necromancer turned all of the inhabitants of the Halls of Giants into undeads under his control. The undeads plague the nearby territory, gaining fresh corpses for the necromancer's evil experiments.

• A duergar tribe has occupied the Halls of Giants, searching for gold ore in its deeps. The duergar use illusions in order to make the people believe the giants are still there.

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Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Mario Barbati