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Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Posted: November 03, 2003

The Complete Guide to Beholders offers a new perspective on these misunderstood monsters, expanding their social structure and cultural life in new ways.

Make Your Mark On The World Of Aventuria!

Posted: November 02, 2003

The Dark Eye has been Germany's premier fantasy roleplaying game since 1983. For the first time, this rich world is available in English, with brand-new fourth edition rules!

Top 10 For October

Posted: November 01, 2003

Check out Warehouse 23's best selling items for October on the Warehouse 23 Top 10 page.

Increase The Body Count!

Posted: October 31, 2003

Ever needed a new party - fast - since zombies munched down on the old one? All Flesh Must Be Eaten: The Book of Archetypes is just the thing to fill out the body count.

Going Somewhere?

Posted: October 30, 2003

Champions Battlegrounds is a collection of five adventures, each focusing on a particular location that can be used repeatedly in a campaign.

The City In The Mists

Posted: October 29, 2003

H.P. Lovecraft's Kingsport describes the fabled Massachusetts town in meticulous detail - its important personalities, buildings, history, and its weird people and places.

Looking For Adventure?

Posted: October 28, 2003

The Hamlet of Thumble provides instant adventure whether your party is helpful or hateful. Quest for the stolen ebonring in Arcana Unearthed: Siege on Ebonring Keep. Concentrate on adventures, not statistics, with the d20 Player's Archive.

Wondrous Worlds Of Fantasy!

Posted: October 27, 2003

Take your Hero System campaign into a world of magic and adventure with Fantasy Hero.

The Lethargicest Superhero Of Them All!

Posted: October 26, 2003

Lethargic Lad #2 collects over a year's worth of comics featuring the superhero that everyone...um...remembers.

More Than Human

Posted: October 25, 2003

The Races of Legend series allows a glimpse into the world of the oft-overlooked nonhuman races. Unveiled Masters describes the mind flayers, Eldest Sons explores the elf, and Lords of the Peaks delves deeply into the giant.

The Journey There Is Half The Battle

Posted: October 24, 2003

Penumbra: En Route II - By Land or By Sea is a collection of short encounters and features scenarios suitable to sea voyages as well as to land-bound travel.

One Sheet To Rule Them All!

Posted: October 23, 2003

The Origins Award-winning d20 System Character Record Folio is a specially designed cure for the record sheet blues, built to track a character for a whole campaign and then some.

A D20 Triple

Posted: October 22, 2003

Three new Legends & Lairs titles: Cityworks, for designing and running exciting adventures and campaigns in fantasy cities; Legends & Lairs: Sorcery & Steam, for steampunk fantasy settings and adventures; and Portals & Planes, everything needed to create and run planar adventures and campaigns.

Adventure Beckons You With Every Note

Posted: October 21, 2003

Dungeons & Dragons: The Official Roleplaying Soundtrack contains 23 orchestral pieces written specifically to capture the essence of Dungeons & Dragons.

Cheap Enough To Use And Abuse

Posted: October 20, 2003

MapAid miniatures products - Dungeon Map, Hex Map, and Plastic Stands - are sturdy enough to be used repeatedly, but inexpensive enough to be expendable.