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Forge Your Destiny!

Posted: December 09, 2003

Forged in Magic details over 400 magical and psionic items and those that forge them, as well as ideas on how to make magic items that will be identified with your legendary heroes for generations to come.

The Show Is About To Begin!

Posted: December 08, 2003

The Lurker in the Lobby offers reviews of the famous, infamous, and just plain obscure films and TV shows inspired by Lovecraft's work, while Delta Green - Dark Theatres stops viewing and starts experiencing, with eight stories in which desperate actors enact clandestine passion plays for the grim amusement of alien gods.

Modern Made Easy

Posted: December 07, 2003

With four sturdy panels on one side and all the charts and tables you need to play the game on the other, the Modern GM Screen is perfect for any d20 GM. And for the players, the Modern Player's Companion provides expanded options for creating, developing, and equipping characters.

The Amazing Adventures Of The Perfectly Ordinary Average Boy!

Posted: December 05, 2003

Come along and see what it’s like for an everyday child to walk among people with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal kids in ps238 #3!

Songs In The Key Of "Aiiieeee!"

Posted: December 04, 2003

Nodwick and the gang are back for their third collection of adventure and middle-ages mishaps in Nodwick Chronicles III! Or pick up Nodwick #22 for the latest adventures of the lovable henchman.

Got Guns?

Posted: December 03, 2003

The world's greatest firearms reference meets the world's biggest roleplaying game in Ultramodern Firearms d20!

It's Like The End Of The World

Posted: December 02, 2003

The continent of Onara is home to many nations, all of them overcome with strife. The Arcanis line brings players into the World of Shattered Empires.

Top 10 For November

Posted: December 01, 2003

Check out Warehouse 23's best selling items for November on the Warehouse 23 Top 10 page.

Something Wicked This Way Comes . . .

Posted: November 29, 2003

Asmodeus, the King of Hell and ruler of the Pit, introduces you to the Legions of Hell, but the Lower Planes are home to evil every bit as ancient and potent as that of the Pit: the Armies of the Abyss.

The Master Shares His Knowledge

Posted: November 28, 2003

Across the whole of Norrath and its moon Luclin, the erudite wizard Al'Kabor is synonymous with the search for mysteries of the past and an understanding of the ways of ancient magic. Now all can share his knowledge with EverQuest: Al'Kabor's Arcana.

The D20 Starship Adventure Toolkit

Posted: November 27, 2003

Blood and Space is designed to supplement or extend any of the popular d20 space-based roleplaying games. It features extensive rules for starship construction, combat, and crews.

From Zero To Infinity!

Posted: November 26, 2003

Inspired by serial episodes from the 1950s, Spaceship Zero is the acme of sci-fi adventure, promising countless hours of atomic-powered pulse-pounding pulp excitement in an infinite number of alternate universes!

The Most Astonishing Discovery In The Universe Is Yours!

Posted: November 25, 2003

The Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game allows you to enter the stargate and explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy as a member of the SGC.

It Seems Simple Enough

Posted: November 24, 2003

Enter the abandoned fortress, track down the bandit spies, retrieve the treasure, and collect the reward. But this simple task is only the first step in Arcana Unearthed: Plague of Dreams, an adventure filled with intrigue and betrayal.

See The Enemy!

Posted: November 22, 2003

With Fiery Dragon's Counter Collections and Counter Packs, the right image is available for nearly any encounter.