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Do You Know Where Your Characters Are?

Posted: December 22, 2003

Dying Earth Maps contains three full-color poster-sized maps created by the artist Sarah Wroot, suitable for framing or for use in your Dying Earth game.

The End Of Days!

Posted: December 21, 2003

Angels walk the Earth once again and the Old Gods have returned. Will this be enough to stop the darkness? Armageddon: The End Times is a fantastic setting filled with angels, demons, gods . . . and the humans struggling to survive and even triumph.

Swashbuckling Adventures And Zombie Mayhem

Posted: December 20, 2003

The first 1PG Double Feature, Shriek/Bloode Island Double Feature, was printed 2-in-1, in the "flip-book" style. Each complete game includes basic rules of play, variant/genre-specific rules, referee tips, six scenarios and a master character sheet.

Roleplaying With An Edge

Posted: December 19, 2003

The Riddle of Steel: Of Beasts and Men contains dozens of creatures, characters, adventures, and ideas, as well as long-awaited rules and tables for non-humanoid opponents, including animal damage charts, jousting rules, and pack-hunting tactics.

Time Traveling And Money Grubbing

Posted: December 18, 2003

In James Ernest's Timeline, you've invented a time machine. You will use it to learn about the rich history of the planet and perhaps even contribute to the betterment of Mankind. But first, you're gonna play the stock market and get really, stupidly rich.

Music And Mead, Bread And Board, Intrigue And Adventure!

Posted: December 17, 2003

Masterwork Maps: Inns & Taverns showcases 71 floor plans of fantasy inns and taverns, from seedy hideouts to humble hasheries to opulent hostels.

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

Posted: December 16, 2003

Penumbra: Crime & Punishment takes an in-depth look at campaigns that focus on the forces of the law.

Expand Your World View!

Posted: December 15, 2003

Deryni: The Eleven Kingdoms is a full-color map of the Eleven Kingdoms area of the Deryni world.

Step Forth Bravely

Posted: December 14, 2003

Expand the world of Palladium Fantasy with Monsters & Animals, Adventures on the High Seas, Island at the Edge of the World, Yin-Sloth Jungles, The Baalgor Wastelands, and Mount Nimro.

An Early Look Into The Creator's Mind

Posted: December 13, 2003

Gloranthan Pre-Finished Works are non-professional compilations of the notes of Greg Stafford, creator of Glorantha.

Chaos Comes...

Posted: December 12, 2003

Rifts: Chaos Earth - Creatures of Chaos describes the Demon Plagues, the second wave of destruction to wash over Rifts Earth. Rise of Magic tells how ordinary people begin developing magical powers and spellcasting abilities.

A New Take On An Old System

Posted: December 11, 2003

Explore the world of Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed with Arcana Unearthed, The Diamond Throne, and The DM's Screen and Player's Guide.

It's More Than A Roleplaying Game

Posted: December 10, 2003

Featuring new concepts like communal protagonists, customizable rules, and gamemasterless options, The Everlasting allows players to enter the magical world they have always wanted to visit . . . the one they live in.

Forge Your Destiny!

Posted: December 09, 2003

Forged in Magic details over 400 magical and psionic items and those that forge them, as well as ideas on how to make magic items that will be identified with your legendary heroes for generations to come.

The Show Is About To Begin!

Posted: December 08, 2003

The Lurker in the Lobby offers reviews of the famous, infamous, and just plain obscure films and TV shows inspired by Lovecraft's work, while Delta Green - Dark Theatres stops viewing and starts experiencing, with eight stories in which desperate actors enact clandestine passion plays for the grim amusement of alien gods.