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Scene Of The Crime

Posted: March 12, 2004

Two new Crime Scene supplements give you more places to take your modern d20 campaign. Stick to the rational world of science with the attention to detail of Forensics. If that's a bit too ordinary for you, investigate crimes that make much less sense with the otherworldly twists in Supernatural.

Made From Super Metals

Posted: March 11, 2004

Silver Age Sentinels has its archetypical superheroes. Now you can have them too, with the pewter miniatures line. Show off the Iron Duke, the Robot Army, the Red Phoenix, or the Green Ronin. (Some painting required. Superpowers sold separately.)

Anything For A Price

Posted: March 10, 2004

All upright and loyal citizens follow the laws of the Dragon Empire. But for those times when you need something that's not quite legal, there's always someone willing to deal . . . for a price. Smuggler's Run gives you the rundown on smugglers for Dragonstar, from government spies to black-market weapons dealers.

But Of Course There's A Thieves' Guild

Posted: March 09, 2004

There are always ways of keeping people in line, whether they're blacksmiths, wizards, or thieves. Guilds make sure each craftsman keeps to his proper place. Pay your dues, climb the ranks, learn the secrets of your craft, and make sure the guildmaster always gets the cut of your profits that he's expecting.

New Horizons

Posted: March 08, 2004

Horizon d20 supplements offer self-contained settings for unusual campaigns. Outwit the Big Bad Wolf in Grimm's fairy-tale setting, but be careful; the stories aren't as squeaky clean as you remember. Or explore the insides of virtual reality with Virtual, where you don't just use computer programs, you are one.

Deeper And Darker

Posted: March 06, 2004

Forget the surface. Forget the sunny meadows, the snowy mountains, the bustling cities. There's another world down below, and it's darker, deeper, and more deadly than anything you'll find above. Fortunately, you have the Underdark Adventure Guide to show you the way. But don't get lost in the dark . . .

A Little Dork Inside Us All

Posted: March 05, 2004

Dork Tower #26 follows the lives of your typical gaming group (muskrat player aside); the Clicky Special explores the wonderful world of little clicky miniatures; and 1d6 Degrees of Separation includes multiple issues of the comic, for convenient compact hilarity.

For A Little Taste Of Everything

Posted: March 04, 2004

Set your campaigns in any genre from cyberpunk to comedy, and add something from everything else in-between; the Silhouette CORE Deluxe Edition gives you the rules used in all the Dream Pod Nine games, wrapped in a shiny hardcover binding.

Fear My Kung Fu

Posted: March 03, 2004

Blood of the Valiant takes a look at the Shaolin Monks of Feng Shui, in a new edition full of merry monkly mayhem. And whether you're a monk or a mook, Iron & Silk will give you plenty of scenery to hurl at your approaching enemies between your witty one-liners.

Wham! Wham! Wham!

Posted: March 02, 2004

What do you do when evil threatens reality itself? Kick up the power level of the campaign and face it, of course. And now you can do it in style, with the CORE Command Player's Handbook Deluxe Edition. Because when you're facing ultimate evil, a hardcover book makes it easier to beat the evil to death.

A Deck Of Many Modifiers

Posted: March 01, 2004

When you're rampaging through a dungeon, sometimes the dice work for you and sometimes they don't. For those times when the game isn't quite what you'd like, there's the Dork20 Deck to give you a card-slamming competitive edge. Snatch victory from the maw of defeat, and make the rules do what you want them to do.

Because Cultists Have To Come From Somewhere

Posted: February 29, 2004

Baby's First Mythos brings the gentle joys of the Cthulhu mythos to the very young, with twenty-six rhymes about the horrors from beyond that every child ought to know. For those of a more tender age, there are illustrations to make sure no detail is lost on impressionable young minds.

Six-Shooter Action

Posted: February 28, 2004

When ninja, pirates, space marines, and wizards just don't hold the same thrill they used to, go somewhere else for a change of pace. Somewhere to the west . . . Link:West is a Anime d20 game of adventures in the Wild West. Get away from it all, but mind those who brought Old World prejudices with them.

His Bite Just Got Worse Than His Bark

Posted: February 27, 2004

Grave Robbers II - Skippy's Revenge gives you new characters, new props, new locations, and a dog in charge of the Legions of the Damned with this expansion to Grave Robbers from Outer Space. You have more than alien invaders to worry about this time . . .

More Silver Age Sentinels

Posted: February 26, 2004

Roll Call is packed with a variety of heroes to use in your campaign, with dual d20/SAS stats and detailed backgrounds. From the Files of Matthews Gentech presents a sinister madman and his warped animal creations for them to fight. Path of the Just gives you 15 stories of supers in action to read between games.