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Strategy Needs No Words!

Posted: May 28, 2004

Or at least, so we hope, since Das Buch Zum Spielen isn't in English. Fortunately, there's a translation of all the important information included in this compilation of scenarios and variations for Settlers of Catan, along with all the pieces needed to expand a set for use with the new rules.

Plush Power

Posted: May 27, 2004

Just because they're cute and cuddly doesn't mean they can't power-game with the best. Fuzzy Knights: Tails from the Table #1 collects the comic strip about roleplayers who aren't about to let being stuffed animals keep them from their RPGs.

Love and Peace!

Posted: May 26, 2004

. . . and guns, and katana-guns, and wandering gunslinger priests, and the biggest bounty you've ever seen on one man's head. Welcome to the world of BESM d20: Trigun, where the world's best gunslinger is the world's biggest dork. He may be out for love and peace, but the wild west land he's in doesn't agree.

Brain In A Book

Posted: May 25, 2004

When you're playing God, there's an awful lot of information to keep straight. That's what the DM Campaign Tracker is for: keep the details organized, and spend your brain power on more important things. Like figuring out how to add another tally mark to that "PCs Killed" score sheet.

The Roots Of Horror

Posted: May 23, 2004

No one ever did horror quite like H.P. Lovecraft did. Return to the classic work of horror gaming with the sixth edition of Call of Cthulhu: as much horror as ever, and fewer errata. If you want your horror even darker than that, take a step backwards in time with Cthulhu Dark Ages.

Another Round, Barkeep!

Posted: May 22, 2004

Because one book for a series is never enough, now there's even more setting and system goodness for two of the anime series available for Big Eyes, Small Mouth. Get some more vampiric action with Hellsing Volume 2, or toss around toastier spells with The Slayers Next.

Fleet Maneuvers

Posted: May 21, 2004

Without those rousing battles, space would be nothing but a bunch of mass floating around in a vacuum. BITS: Power Projection - Fleet gives you the rules and counters you need for major ship-to-ship battles in the depths of space, designed to work with the Traveller setting.

Gother Than Thou

Posted: May 20, 2004

Black clothing, silver jewelry, depressing poetry . . . If they call themselves Goths, where were they when you were doing all the work pillaging the cities of Europe? Make a statement with the Goth Crop Top in its tight-fitting new silvery version.

Cuter Death Every Day

Posted: May 19, 2004

If you want your death cute, there's plenty of plush out there to choose from, but it doesn't get much cuter than Plush Anubis, God of the Dead. Look at those cute soul-reaping hands! Those charming dead eyes! That adorable little ceremonial sceptre! Don't you just want to go meet him right now?

Eek! More Classes!

Posted: May 18, 2004

Fright Night: Haunted House brings a supplement about the classic horror movie setting to the d20 System. Spend a night in a haunted house, take a few levels in a psychic character class, mind your step around the madmen . . . You know the drill. Time to split up the party and search the house.

Anachronism Isn't What It Used To Be

Posted: May 17, 2004

Back when Queen Elizabeth ruled England with nefarious sorcerer Thatcher at her side, when Indians roamed the plains in their trucks and Wild Bill Gates was the best gambler this side of the Mississippi, who was out fighting against the evil god Landmines and the powers of darkness? Diana: Warrior Princess, of course!

Welcome To Albany

Posted: May 16, 2004

Back when Vampire: The Masquerade was just taking off, there was Virtual Lore, a magazine for dark modern fantasy. There were only three issues, but if you collect them all, you'll have the unofficial citybook for Albany, New York, plus articles for Call of Cthulhu, Vampire, Mage, and more.

Liberty And Recess For All

Posted: May 15, 2004

Metahuman children of the worlds (and other realities), unite! School is inevitable, but having fun is optional. Watch the superheroes of tomorrow handle over-patriotic classmates and sneaking through the school after hours in ps238 #5 and ps238 #6. ps238: the public school for special children.

Probably Not WASTITS

Posted: May 14, 2004

Cute and cuddly Plush WASTEMS, direct to your door! These freshly-caught bundles of joy from the Human Occupied Landfill setting will cheerfully let you squeeze them half to death without complaint. Assuming they're not WASTITS. But they're probably not WASTITS. Really.

If Only I Had A Brain

Posted: May 13, 2004

The Hero System is marvelously detailed and complex. Perhaps a little too marvelously detailed and complex, for some of us. Fortunately, the Hero Designer program for character creation is out in version 2.0. Flexible and easy to use, it's just what you need to get the system doing what you want it to do.