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Posted: October 11, 2003

Dork Tower #23, Dork Tower #24, and Dork Tower: Understanding Gamers (The Collected Dork Tower Volume V) are now available.

It's A Menagerie Out There

Posted: October 10, 2003

From the Klingon targ to the Ceti Alpha eel, Star Trek: Creatures provides the complete readout on dozens of alien beasts for any Star Trek RPG series.

Revolutionizing Action Figures

Posted: October 09, 2003

Armed with super-articulated design for incredible interchangeability and poseability, STIKFAS Action Figure Kits aim to lead the way in a whole new toy revolution.

The Game Where Everyone's Opinion Counts!

Posted: October 08, 2003

Illustrated by John Kovalic, Apples to Apples is the wild, award-winning card and party game of hilarious comparisons.

Apes & Anarchy

Posted: October 07, 2003

Feng Shui: Gorilla Warfare is the first no-holds-barred excursion into the secret, underground lairs of the Jammers, from the demon-infested past of 69 A.D. to the dystopian tomorrow of the Buro.

The Agency's Early Warning System

Posted: October 06, 2003

The Spycraft: Faceman/Snoop Class Guide thrusts you into a new arena of excitement, delving into the often neglected low-impact end of espionage, where knowledge owns the past and intelligence rules the future.

An Asian Cinema B-Movie Card Game

Posted: October 05, 2003

What do you get when you mix Kung Fu, Samurai, Giant Monster, and Anime flicks? Either a movie with incomprehensible dialogue and unreadable subtitles or Kung Fu Samurai on Giant Robot Island, the latest card game from the Producer and Director of Grave Robbers From Outer Space.

Take Your Adventures To A Whole New Level!

Posted: October 04, 2003

3D Dungeons brings your adventures to stunning three-dimensional life with floor squares, walls, doors, and trap squares! Every piece is designed to interlock, presenting thousands of possible dungeon combinations.

Counterintelligence And Deceit

Posted: October 03, 2003

The Most Dangerous Game is a Spycraft expansion for the variable tile board game When Darkness Comes.

Destiny Lies Upon The Sea

Posted: October 02, 2003

Island Nations profiles of three powerful Arrowflight nations, including population information, culture, economy, character specifics, and maps.

Top 10 For September

Posted: October 01, 2003

Check out Warehouse 23's best selling items for September on the Warehouse 23 Top 10 page.

In Which The History Of This Ambitious People Is Told

Posted: September 30, 2003

Forsaking their old ways, the wolves of the Bisclavret gathered up the trappings and the tools of the modern world and immediately began their ascension by any means they could. This supplement for Ironclaw describes House Bisclavret, from their humble origins as a tribal society to their rapid climb to nobility today.

Steam Powered Miniatures Combat

Posted: September 29, 2003

The Iron Kingdoms: Warmachine miniatures line continues to grow. Come check out the beautiful figures for this fast-paced miniatures game.

The Legendary Black Vault

Posted: September 28, 2003

Rifts: Chi-Town 'Burbs - The Black Vault is the third of Rifts sourcebooks set in and around the Chi-Town 'Burbs and reveals the latest of the Coalition States' darkest secrets.

Both Sides Of The Law

Posted: September 27, 2003

Crime Scene is a new series of d20 System sourcebooks, covering all aspects of modern crime. Police Investigation puts you on the beat, in the action, and in the shoes of any police officer - from a cynical, urban homicide detective to a naive, small-town deputy. The Mob creates a vivid and hard-hitting environment filled with lethal gun fights and fast-paced car chases.