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Because The Zombies Keep Eating People

Posted: June 26, 2004

When you're trying to stomp the zombies in All Flesh Must Be Eaten, the zombies keep stomping back, and it's easy to run through those PCs awfully fast. Fortunately, there's The Book of Archetypes 2, full of yet more Norms, Survivors, and Inspired, ready to step up and try not to be eaten.

Spy Games

Posted: June 25, 2004

The d20 game of covert operatives, Spycraft, has both sides covered. Agency gives you all the rules you need to build a top-secret agency that's the envy of the CIA, while Mastermind shows you how to set up villains that can bring those agencies to their knees.

Cute Creepy-Crawlies

Posted: June 24, 2004

You've seen the plush germs, but what do you do when everyone's already gotten the flu? Move on to the critters, of course! Giant Microbes has branched out into slightly larger creatures with its plush Dust Mite, Book Worm, and Bed Bug. Cuddly, leggy, and ready to nibble their way into your arms.

Books, Dice, Action!

Posted: June 23, 2004

The Action! System is a generic system with supplements out for all sorts of genres and settings. Gunslingers: Wild West Action! takes a trip to the land of gunsmoke and cattle, while San Angelo: City of Heroes deals with a fictional Californian city of superheroes and mystery.

Eye Of The Dragon

Posted: June 22, 2004

It's hard being a dragon. When it's not your own people trapping you in the center of a volcano, it's those gnomes chip-chip-chipping away at the mountain itself, or your squabbling hordes of minions. But there's a prophecy of great things yet in store for you . . . Solusek's Eye presents a new area for the EverQuest RPG.

The Universe Keeps Expanding

Posted: June 21, 2004

Mongoose Publishing continues to support its product lines with Signs & Portents, a full-color monthly magazine with articles for Conan, Babylon 5, and more. Most recently in are Signs & Portents 8, Signs & Portents 9, and Signs & Portents 10.

Mechanical Disorder

Posted: June 20, 2004

Contrary to popular belief, chaos interacts with technology in a well-behaved manner, allowing properly trained engineers to use the primordial stuff of the universe in predictable, static ways. Or so Chaositech, the d20 System supplement, would like to claim. And if they're wrong . . . well, a little chaos never hurt anything, right?


Posted: June 19, 2004

Expand your dice collection, or introduce gaming to the very young, with 10-Sided and 20-Sided Plush Dice. Try rolling your next pool of d10s with plush, or go for a critical hit on that d20 with fuzzy stitched-on numbers; it'll add a whole new level to the gaming experience.

Mythos Madness

Posted: June 18, 2004

The Cthulhu mythos and insanity go together like peanut butter and jelly. Go a little bit mad yourself with five new books for the mythos: Singers of Strange Songs, Nightmare's Disciple, The Encyclopedia Cthulhiana, The Book of Dzyan, and Song of Cthulhu.

Comics That Never Were

Posted: June 17, 2004

Z-Man Games puts a new twist on superhero gaming with Omlevex, a detailed study of a Silver Age superhero comics setting. Get all the details on the heroes and villains of the Omlevex Universe, read behind-the-scenes info from writers and artists, and--what do you mean it never existed?

Law And Chaos

Posted: June 16, 2004

Explore the nature of the universe, the primal forces surrounding it, the Gods of Law and Chaos . . . It's Stormbringer, the roleplaying game based on the classic fantasy novels by Michael Moorcock.

Lovely Crinkly Edges

Posted: June 15, 2004

Map-making is full of the joy of placing continents, arranging rivers, situating cities . . . but no one wants a planet full of smooth, blobby continents. Fractal Mapper not only contains hundreds of mapping symbols and tools for building everything from dungeon floorplans to entire globes, it does all the edge-crinkling for you.

Into The Harbor!

Posted: June 14, 2004

The patriots in Boston are having a tea party, and you're invited! Time to toss a few crates of tea into the harbor and call it a good night's work. Of course, in the board game Tom Jolly's Cargo, it's a bit more complicated, as you're being paid on the side by a captain to load tea back into one of the ships . . .

Beyond Superstition

Posted: June 13, 2004

There was magic and wonder in the world . . . but in the age of reason, who has time for such fanciful things? Welcome to Victoriana, where the magic of old isn't so far in the past as people would like to believe. Dragon in the Smoke conveniently provides an adventure to get you started in the setting.

Lurking Beyond The Veil

Posted: June 12, 2004

If you think modern RPGs are too warm and fuzzy, too full of homilies and heroic do-gooding, too uplifting and bright . . . you probably haven't been playing Kult.