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Deadly Doodles!

Posted: October 19, 2019

In Deadly Doodles, 1–4 players simultaneously draw paths through a dangerous dungeon. Draw cards, draw a path through your dungeon, and rack up points! Collect loot and fight monsters . . . or run away screaming! Can you defeat the dragon for the big score? Only one way to find out. Order now on Warehouse 23!

Be More Interesting!

Posted: October 18, 2019

Give your heroes those little elements that make them memorable and fun to play, while getting a few more points for an extra boost! GURPS Power-Ups 6: Quirks is an assortment of idiosyncrasies and little peculiarities – nearly 200 in all – plus insight into making fair and interesting quirks for your own campaign. Make your heroes unforgettable with this download from Warehouse 23!

Our Most Underground Supplement

Posted: October 17, 2019

Go below with GURPS Underground Adventures! This supplement looks below the ground, with info on subterranean dangers, templates for intrepid explorers, new gear, strange vehicles, fantastic creatures, and more. Get down and dirty with a download from Warehouse 23!

The Edge That Heroes Need

Posted: October 16, 2019

What makes a hero? Sometimes it's the ability to do just a bit more when the chips are down. Do the impossible when you need to, with GURPS Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys. This supplement gives you a multitude of options to survive and succeed . . . but often with sacrifice. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

Is That Needle Supposed To Be All The Way In The Red?

Posted: October 15, 2019

Some days go from bad to really, really bad . . . like the worst-case scenarios described in GURPS Disasters: Meltdown and Fallout. This supplement shows you what can go wrong when you're splitting atoms, how to keep bad things from happening, and how to deal with the aftermath if you couldn't save the day. The supplement that's gotten glowing reviews is a download away from Warehouse 23!

Expand Your Battles!

Posted: October 14, 2019

. . . with Munchkin Warhammer 40,000's first expansion, Munchkin Warhammer 40,000: Faith and Firepower! This 112-card set includes two new Armies: the Sisters of Battle, some of the most elite Imperial soldiers around, and the T'au, who make terrifying enemies . . . or stalwart allies in the war against Chaos. Plus lots of new loot and horrible monsters to fight! Order now on Warehouse 23!

Illuminati d6 Dice Set!

Posted: October 13, 2019

These dice contain the secrets of the universe! With them, you can: Tell the future! Affect the stock market! Control fate! Garner fame and fortune! Actually, none of that is true. But you should still order Illuminati d6 Dice Set from Warehouse 23!

Mighty Monsters!

Posted: October 12, 2019

A fast-playing, stand-alone card game based in the world of Steve Jackson's best-selling Munchkin. You and your monster buddies are hanging out in the dungeon, just waiting to wallop some munchkins . . . but there are just too many of them! Preorder Munchkin Mighty Monsters now on Warehouse 23!

Age Of Sigmar!

Posted: October 11, 2019

Mighty Battles for the Mortal Realms . . . The Eight Realms of Warhammer Age of Sigmar form a new battleground for Munchkin players to explore – by which we mean kill monsters and take their stuff, obviously. Preorder Munchkin Warhammer Age of Sigmar now on Warehouse 23!

Get In Gear

Posted: October 10, 2019

If you're looking to outfit a modern GURPS Fourth Edition hero (or one from the not-too-distant past), you need gear. GURPS High-Tech includes all kinds of goodies, from weapons to armor to communication equipment to vehicles and more. And if you're a GURPS Third Edition fan, check out the previous edition. Download either or both today, from Warehouse 23!

Filling Your Garage Is Easier Than Ever!

Posted: October 09, 2019

The classic GURPS Third Edition supplement, GURPS Vehicles, is comprehensive, but it's also big! If you want an easier, stripped-down version, consider GURPS Classic: Vehicles Lite! Newly released in digital form, this volume brings you everything you need to quickly create transports for land, sea, and skies! Get your keys and download it today from Warehouse 23.

Welcome To Hogwarts!

Posted: October 08, 2019

In Munchkin Harry Potter Deluxe, play a member of your favorite Hogwarts house and prove your mettle against other witches and wizards. Defeat villains and monsters, and compete against other players to level up for the win! Order now on Warehouse 23 and get official Munchkin Harry Potter bookmarks!

Put The "Disc" In "Discover Adventure"!

Posted: October 07, 2019

With the Discworld Roleplaying Game, the universe of the Discworld novels is open and ready to visit from your gaming table! This complete, ready-to-play RPG (powered by GURPS Fourth Edition) includes all the info, stats, background, and insight you need to bring Sir Terry Pratchett's beloved world to life. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

Complete Edition!

Posted: October 06, 2019

The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin Complete Edition takes on the Wild West! Forget dragons and goblins – Jackalopes and Davy Croc have just as much treasure. Those plains may seem wide open, but there's lots of monsters to kill, and lots of stuff to take. Order now on Warehouse 23!

Upgrade Your D6s!

Posted: October 05, 2019

With the Eye-in-Pyramid Dice Set (Purple), you can upgrade any game that requires a d6. These are the same dice that were unlocked through the Illuminati Coins Kickstarter, so you can let your friends know you are a Secret Master! Grab yours today at Warehouse 23!