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These Baddies Are Dying To Meet You

Posted: June 05, 2022

The Book of Unlife is an assortment of 44 entities for The Fantasy Trip. These creatures straddle the line between life and death. The supplement also includes a guide to common unliving powers and vulnerabilities, plus a ready-to-use adventure setting. They may be unspeakable, but they're not unbuyable . . . thanks to Warehouse 23!

A Little Magic Goes A Long Way

Posted: June 04, 2022

Not all magic shatters mountains. Sometimes, less is more. GURPS Magic: The Least of Spells presents 77 new and dazzling spells that can be practiced even by folks who got kicked out of wizard school. Add some "wow" to your world with a download from Warehouse 23!

Face Death, Get Loot

Posted: June 03, 2022

Go it alone in search of fame and fortune in Red Crypt, a solo adventure for The Fantasy Trip. Bring your own adventurer, or use one of the two included to start playing right away. Download it today from Warehouse 23, and let the excitement begin!

Pick The Perfect Profession

Posted: June 02, 2022

Pick up your sword! Or axe or wand or whatever accoutrement you prefer. GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Career Guide helps you choose just the right role to take to the tombs, compiling the go-to info found among the myriad GURPS Dungeon Fantasy supplements. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

Old School Critters, New Fun!

Posted: June 01, 2022

Old School Monsters brings 55 classic monsters to The Fantasy Trip. Unleash Flail Snails, Iron Cobras, and Gelatinous Cubes, thanks to Warehouse 23!

More For Your Dungeons

Posted: May 31, 2022

Add to the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game with the hefty tome of treasures that you can find in the pages of Dungeon Fantasy Companion 3. This volume collects Dungeon Fantasy RPG gaming material from Pyramid magazine, with color images and reformatted to match the other two companions. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

Fantastic Rides

Posted: May 30, 2022

Travel like a king with GURPS Vehicles: Transports of Fantasy. This assortment of ready-to-use rides for pre-modern campaigns ranges from the mundane to the magical. It's a cart full of fun . . . or maybe it's an airship full of awesome! And it's ready to download from Warehouse 23.

Dozens Of Free Adventures?!

Posted: May 29, 2022

If you click the link to The Fantasy Trip 2019 Postcard Contest, you'll get to download lots of bite-sized encounters for The Fantasy Trip. And it's free! Warehouse 23 has what you need; visit today!

Shake GURPS To Its Core!

Posted: May 28, 2022

GURPS Power-Ups 9: Alternate Attributes shows you how to alter the foundational elements of GURPS. Explore the game effects of tweaking attributes, secondary characteristics, and more. It's a tinkerer's dream, and it's available with a download from Warehouse 23!

Dress Warm And Fight For Your Life

Posted: May 27, 2022

Six distinct eras provide amble opportunity for adventure with GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Setting: Cold Shard Mountains. This setting for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy includes maps, monsters, magic items, and more. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

Fight For Free!

Posted: May 26, 2022

Enjoy a freebie that's a complete, ready-to-download game . . . just add dice! The Fantasy Trip: Melee is your introduction to the world of The Fantasy Trip, and it's available for the low, low price of nothing. Adventure awaits at Warehouse 23!

Dice Dice, Maybe

Posted: May 25, 2022

We will show you fun in a handful of dice! With Random Fun Generator 2, you get over 20 games that can all be played with some standard six-sided dice. Roll on over to Warehouse 23 and get it today!

Answer The Call To Adventure

Posted: May 24, 2022

Dare you explore the alchemist's hidden lair that only you know the directions to? Of course you do! Warlock's Workshop is a solo adventure for The Fantasy Trip. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

Is It A Kilohexagram?

Posted: May 23, 2022

The Fantasy Trip gets new treasures, tricks, and threats with the Hexagram Bundle! The first eight issues of the magazine, at a bargain downloadable price – it's a bundle of fun . . . dare say we, a fundle? (No, we dare not.) Get it today from Warehouse 23!

Water, Water Everywhere

Posted: May 22, 2022

Any way the winds blow, they can still be really dangerous! GURPS Disasters: Hurricane is your guide to bringing one of the mightiest weather phenomena to your gaming table. Unleash nature's fury with a download from Warehouse 23!