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Because You Demon'd It!

Posted: March 15, 2020

Add a hellish locale to your fantasy setting with GURPS Locations: Hellsgate. It includes all the details to make this infernal demon-run city come to life, including its history, geography, notable residents, places of interest, and a map. It's a great place to visit or even spend the rest of your life (however short that may be). Download it today from Warehouse 23!

A Location To "A-Spire" To

Posted: March 14, 2020

Picture it: a big epic fight in a cathedral. Now that we've mentioned it, the world breaks down into two camps: those who are thinking, "Wow! That's an awesome idea," and those who've already downloaded GURPS Locations: St. George's Cathedral and taken advantage of its details, characters, and floor plans. Get it today from Warehouse 23!

GURPS Canon, Or GURPS Cannon?

Posted: March 13, 2020

Augment the equipment of GURPS Low-Tech with more insight into weapons, equipment, vehicles, and more. Design new gear, build fortresses, and get ready for war with GURPS Low-Tech Companion 2: Weapons and Warriors. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

It's Almost Tomorrow

Posted: March 12, 2020

Discover what makes the cyberpunk genre tick and how to add it to your own campaign with GURPS Classic: Cyberpunk. And if you want some insight into how to "upgrade" the ideas and excitement to GURPS Fourth Edition, check out Pyramid #3/21: Cyberpunk, with new rules, gear, and even an adventure. Take advantage of the future with these downloads from Warehouse 23!

Make It Reign!

Posted: March 11, 2020

GURPS Low-Tech does an amazing job at detailing the gear essential for bringing a pre-gunpowder campaign to life. But other softer social "inventions" are equally useful for making a setting come to life – including developments in government, religion, and music – and you can learn about them in GURPS Low-Tech Companion 1: Philosophers and Kings. Get to your castle and download it today from Warehouse 23!

Tomorrow's Spaceships, Today!

Posted: March 10, 2020

Augment your Transhuman Space campaign with vessels in the GURPS Spaceships format. GURPS Spaceships 8: Transhuman Spacecraft includes a bunch of near-future craft that will let you explore the solar system like never before . . . thanks to a download from Warehouse 23!

All Hail Steam-Cat!

Posted: March 09, 2020

GURPS Fantasy-Tech 1: The Edge of Reality has loads of tech that's quasi-historical, theoretical-but-impractical, or the impossible musings of real historical entities. It also features a steam-powered, wheeled, cat-faced thing on the cover and on p. 25 under "Automata." And it is awesome. Download The Edge of Reality from Warehouse 23 for the alternate history. Do it for the gear. Do it for steam-cat.

The Stranger Side Of The Space Lot

Posted: March 08, 2020

Not everything is rocket fuel and steel; sometimes GURPS Spaceships vessels are powered with tachyons, alien digestive processes, or magic. Add the odd to your spacefaring vessels with GURPS Spaceships 7: Divergent and Paranormal Tech. It details lots of new design options plus a bunch of craft that are bizarre . . . including two "ships" that are actually alive! Be prepared for anything with a download from Warehouse 23!

Tinkers' Delight

Posted: March 07, 2020

Tweak the fundamental molecules of your GURPS game with GURPS Power-Ups 9: Alternate Attributes. Get the insight you need to add, change, or remove attributes as you see fit, making a campaign that feels right for your gaming table. Download it from Warehouse 23 and change the universe!

Mine Is Yours!

Posted: March 06, 2020

Whenever we do end up making full use of space, it'll almost certainly involve a lot of industrial applications. So add to your GURPS Spaceships garage with GURPS Spaceships 6: Mining and Industrial Spacecraft. It includes lots of vessels perfect for heavy-duty business applications, plus rules to bring that side of the cosmos to life. The wonderful world of space mining is a download away from Warehouse 23!

Turn Dice Into Treasure

Posted: March 05, 2020

Sure, if you're like most gamers, your dice are probably already treasures. With the roll of those dice, you'll generate countless unique and interesting plunder possibilities for your GURPS games . . . thanks to GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables. Your boundless bounty is just a download away from Warehouse 23!

So Long, Earth!

Posted: March 04, 2020

Leave your worries behind by getting aboard a colony spaceship. GURPS Spaceships 5: Exploration and Colony Spacecraft upgrades GURPS Spaceships with rules on deep-space exploration, plus lots of new ships to take you and the rest of humanity to uncharted worlds. It's the ultimate trip, and it begins with a download from Warehouse 23!

I'm Not Saying It's Aliens, But It's Aliens

Posted: March 03, 2020

Add danger to GURPS Monster Hunters by moving beyond the supernatural to the extranatural. GURPS Monster Hunters 5: Applied Xenology gives science-based templates, aliens, technomagic, and more. Look nervously to the skies and download it today from Warehouse 23!

Up Close And Personal!

Posted: March 02, 2020

All that's between you and the void of space is your tiny one-person spaceship. You'd better dogfight well! GURPS Spaceships 4: Fighters, Carriers, and Mecha has rules and vessels to make exciting one-on-one combat come alive. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime with a download from Warehouse 23!

Help In High Places

Posted: March 01, 2020

Sometimes, when things get really bad, the best option is for the heroes to pray. Add the power of miracles to your GURPS game with GURPS Powers: Divine Favor. It's a simple, flexible system that's useful for depicting the power of the faithful in past, present, or future campaigns. The impossible is just a download away from Warehouse 23!