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Make Your Own Foes

Posted: June 21, 2022

If the enemies for The Fantasy Trip keep coming, maybe it's because you forgot to turn off your 3D printer? The Fantasy Trip Foes is a batch of amazing ready-to-print files to make your resin printer shine. And if you just want to dabble, try the freebie. It's all available on Warehouse 23!

Adventure Forth – Five Times!

Posted: June 20, 2022

Your group has used The Fantasy Trip to create the heroes of your imaginations. Now you need something for them to do! The Fantasy Trip Adventures contains five ready-to-use adventures with maps, monsters, mayhem, and more. Get it today from Warehouse 23!

Two Sectors, Countless Adventure!

Posted: June 19, 2022

GURPS Classic: Space Atlas 4 contains two new sectors for your spacefaring heroes to explore. It includes two interstellar maps, plus maps and descriptions for individual planets. Visit each world as its own one-shot adventure, or combine them into a detailed campaign. The stars await your download from Warehouse 23!

Visit The Thorsz, If You Dare!

Posted: June 18, 2022

Ardonirane adds the titular city – and the mighty warlord Thorsz's home – to The Fantasy Trip, with characters, locations, adventure seeds, and more. Ardonirane awaits at Warehouse 23!

Bright Lights, Big Action

Posted: June 17, 2022

Bring GURPS City Stats to GURPS Action with GURPS Action 9: The City. You'll also find a number of sample settlements – from a humble outpost to a mighty metropolis – to let you quickly host a home for heroism. Download your ticket to adventure at Warehouse 23!

Watch Out For That Truck!

Posted: June 16, 2022

Truck Stop Pocket Box brings the knights of the road to your Car Wars game. Unleash more carnage and battle for supremacy with these big rigs! Includes counters and a map of a typical fortified truck stop from this dystopian future. Order now at Warehouse 23!

What Does The Blinking Red Light Mean?

Posted: June 15, 2022

If the heroes are getting a bit complacent, bring a really, really bad day to the gaming table – with a failing nuclear power plant and GURPS Disasters: Meltdown and Fallout. Glow with the flow, thanks to a download from Warehouse 23!

Can You Bribe An Eldritch Horror?

Posted: June 14, 2022

You never know what might get you out of a jam with Cthulhu and his minions. With Cthulhu Coins, you can be sure you have that chance! Just make sure you have correct change. Order now on Warehouse 23!

Discworld Also . . . Again

Posted: June 13, 2022

Augment your GURPS Third Edition collection with GURPS Classic: Discworld Also. This supplement for the First Edition of the Discworld Roleplaying Game expands the amusing possibilities of Sir Terry Pratchett's beloved setting with additional characters, options, and fun! The Disc awaits at Warehouse 23!

Don Your Top Hat!

Posted: June 12, 2022

And unleash the power of gear-grinding SCIENCE! with Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe! The greatest era that never was comes to life, so grab your Jacob's Ladder and get ready to take on the Land Leviathon! Get it today from Warehouse 23!

Revisit The Disc Of Old!

Posted: June 11, 2022

Fans of GURPS Third Edition, rejoice! The First Edition of the Discworld Roleplaying Game – powered by Third Edition – is available once again. Visit the Disc of Sir Terry Pratchett in Third Edition style, thanks to Warehouse 23!

Lasers, Nukes, And Ogres . . .

Posted: June 10, 2022

We've got you covered with Shockwave! Unleash the Cruize Missile and hope your enemy doesn't shoot it down with their Laser Tower. Comes with tons of counters for all your new units, as well as a map and scenarios for Ogre and G.E.V.! Get yours at Warehouse 23 today!

Shocking GURPS Tech

Posted: June 09, 2022

Electricity makes the modern world sing! Expand the electron-powered excitement of GURPS High-Tech with GURPS High-Tech: Electricity and Electronics. It extends the "modern day" timeline to cover key designs that have come out since High-Tech came out, plus lots of new gear to add to your game. Download it today – electronically! – from Warehouse 23.

Roc Your World!

Posted: June 08, 2022

Roc of Sages is an adventure for The Fantasy Trip that follows in the footsteps of Crown of Eternity and Curse of the Pirate King. Face deadly rocs in search of much-needed artifacts. Get ready for adventure at Warehouse 23!

A Great Fantasy Companion!

Posted: June 07, 2022

The Fantasy Trip Companion adds to The Fantasy Trip with optional rules, legacy articles, Steve Jackson's original designer's notes, and more. Expand your horizons with a download from Warehouse 23!